A week of good and bad

Started the week with my old washing machine breaking down. Chose to do something to cheer me up and decided to make a frog for my son’s 26th at the end of the week.

Didn’t finish it on time. However I did get good news at my Knit & Natter group. Turns out the Velindre Chicks I made were a huge success due to the variety of types I had done.

Then today the toaster blew all the fuses in the kitchen as it too gave up the ghost 😦  Decided to finish making squares for the Woolly Weekend that my daughter got me involved with and went to message her via my Kindle Fire only to realise it hadn’t recharged because it too has broken 😦

Good news is I managed to get some more hats for Age Concern finished as well as using up  almost all the wool my daughter gave me for the squares.

I am dreading to think what tomorrow will bring as I am going to attempt to do a roast pork with crackling – that was always my late husband’s area of expertise not mine.  I’m hoping to get a positive result and that the bad luck is done, especially now that I have had three things break down.

Meanwhile I will cheer myself up by letting everyone admire my productivity of the week 😀


Author: Felinewyvern

I crochet and knit almost anything and especially enjoy letting my imagination and tools loose on unique ideas.

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