At Last!

Now that all the gifts have been opened I can show off what I’ve been doing this month 😀

There are lots of photos so I’ll keep the words to a minimum and just say I enjoyed making all these things. The dreamcatchers are all made with favourite colour combos of recipients.


Approved by Maddy

I have done a fair few things since the snorlax and since the Facebook update (here) and have finished the second cardigan and made a few dog blankets for PDSA. I placed them on the floor for taking photos and my dog Maddy approved of them 😀

So then today I was taking a photo of my latest baby blanket and by the time I had the camera ready I found this:


I guess she approved of this one too 😀 Here it is without Dog adornment 😀


I am now busy trying my hand at something a little different in my crafting  If it works out they will be Christmas gifts for the family so I won’t be putting photos up until after christmas. At least not for that particular project but I will still be knitting and crocheting charity goods etc. so I will still be showing off my work.



Snorlax Commision finished

I am pleased to say the commision I was given to make a Snorlax by the end of the month has been fulfilled 😀

That’s a kitchen stool for disabled people he’s sat on for an estimate of how big he ended up 😀  Luckily he is exactly what was ordered, so the recipient should love him when he gets gifted on Saturday 😀

With many thanks to Mia’s Atelier for the use of her pattern.


Two good things today

I found out that my Stashbuster Bitsa Blanket looks fine now that it is finished (bar the tedious weaving in of many, many ends).

stashbuster bitsa blanket

But – more importantly I found out that WE DID IT!! Sixty Million Trebles set out to make blankets for refugees and reach a total of 60 Million trebles whilst doing so.  So many people joined in to make this happen so go and Watch This Video to get the true number that we finally managed to achieve.

Making squares and attempting patterns

I’ve been crocheting 20″ squares for Sixty Million Trebles but I am not sure if I’ll keep them as preemie blankets or sew them together until they make one really big one for the homeless people.

I’ve also been knitting baby hats to my own design. Most of them are not that good so I haven’t actually written any patterns for them but the one I am currently working on looks like it might be a winner.

For your enjoyment (or not) here are the photos of my latest endeavours.

My first September update.

So I am still making blankets for Sixty Million Trebles but this time it’s for some UK Charities all 21 of the previous oens are on their way to Hand in Hand for Syria.
I am also still at my work programme knit group where we are now making preemie hats for the hospital.
My September items so far are one blanket and three hats finished plus one blanket and two hats on the go (no photos of my WIP) 😀

If you are interested in making the green preemie beanie my pattern is in my previous post.