I think I need to update.

Started a two day a week part time job on the 1st October. I love it because it gives me time to craft whilst answering phones etc.

Since my last update I managed to finish two dog blankets for a Lady who goes to the art group where I work. A save the day flower brooch for my boss lady who had a stain on her dress and now I am making Recovery Sparkling Flowers to be sold to raise funds for the place.

On the home front I’ve been adding my own designs to hats for the homeless and mitts for Preemie babies. I have also had some more fun with bun holders and created two for Halloween and another one for Christmas.



Quick update on my crafting

I’ve been making more baby stuff for Preemies UK (almost have a very large box full now).  Mostly it’s been more hats,  two of which are my own design of Flower Fairy Baby Hats and I tried my hand at making mitts to match – they didn’t turn out too bad.

I also managed to finally finish the blanket for the homeless and delivered it this morning. I might not be doing as much external crafting now as I have a commissioned dog blanket to finish and Christmas gifts for the three grandsons to start making.

Meanwhile I’ll show you all the pics of what’s finished and try to keep you updated on what I manage to make whilst working two days a week 😀


Quick update to add some photos

Not been that productive as I’ve spent most of the last few weeks attempting to make two Dragons for my grandson. I say attempting because I have had to rip it out so often I was starting to think they’d never be done. They certainly weren’t done in time for his birthday but at least all the pieces are finally finished. Tomorrow I stuff and sew them together and hopefully I’ll have them in the post by the weekend.

These are the things I’ve made since the last update – Character dolls of my ‘bosses’ at the place I volunteer at, another mohair scarf for the homeless and two baby blankets..

It’s been too hot lately

so I’ve been working on small pieces – a few extra flowers towards my planter – A couple of cowls/scarfs for the homeless – and a few extra baby blankets. Oh and I thought I’d finished my mesh curtain only to find it will need to be expanded – can’t measure for toffee obviously.


I won’t add the flowers to my pics just yet as I think they’ll look better when that whole project is finished, but here’s the rest of the stuff.

And finally, this is a bag full of 15″ squares that will be turned into another blanket for the homeless as soon as I get around to weaving in ends and decide on the layout.