Almost the end of March

I’m on an unexpected holiday from work as I had 36.5 hours of annual leave accumulated that needed to be taken before April came knocking.

I’ve done a bit of crafting alongside going to watch Captain Marvel and a live performance of Macbeth ( the previous ones weren’t live) this one was better than others I’ve seen.

On the crafting sie I have upped my hexagon count to 9 hexagons in each of 8 colours and am half way through colour 9 now for my large blanket. I’ve also done 8 textured crochet squares for a small 9 square blanket and am currently about a third of the way through a diamond trellis version for it. Once I have joined both blankets I’ll try and take some good photos of them but no promises on the good 😀

Meanwhile here are photos of the 2  items I did manage to finish since my last post. Luckily my youngest grandson is only one year old next month so this won’t spoil the surprise for him.


Where did February go?

I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping this blog up-to-date but there again I’ve not been doing as much charity stuff as last year. In fact this year has been more a case of me making lots and lots of the Star Cluster Hexagons in various colours. On the 8th colour now with 6 more colours to go after that.

I’ve also made a couple of wreath’s to help brighten up the work place. Everyone there is very happy with them so it was worth doing.

The only other thing I’ve crafted is a couple of Dinosaurs as a gift for my Grandson in England who was 1 at the end of last month.

As usual here are the photos of my work.

First post of 2019

I’ve been doing a little finishing off of WIPs left over from last year and designed myself a hexagon that I am using to make myself a blanket from yarn my eldest gave me a few Christmases back. I just hadn’t found anything I wanted to make with it until I made my hexagon. I think it’s rather pretty and I’ve called it Star Cluster Hexagon and I am adding the pattern here now that I think I’ve ironed out all the kinks.

Star Cluster Hexagon (see below for photo)

stitches used 

ch = chain 

dc = double crochet – Yarn over, insert the hook into the next stitch, yarn over, draw the yarn through the stitch, yarn over, draw the yarn through 2 loops on the hook, yarn over pull through 2 loops on hook. 

  1. = cluster – Yarn over, insert the hook into the next stitch, yarn over, draw the yarn through the stitch, yarn over, draw the yarn through 2 loops on the hook, repeat this twice more with the next two stitches, 4 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through all four loops on hook.

vst. = 1dc, 2ch, 1dc in same space/stitch. 


Round 1.  In MC make 18dc to top of first st.  

(Alt. chain 2 make 18 dc in first chain to first dc) 

Round 2.  Make 1 in first three dc chain 3, repeat five more times. to top of first cluster.  (Use standing dc for first st or 3ch.) n.b. your work will be curling under at this point, this will be corrected after the next round. 

Round 3.  6dc in first chain3 space, ch1, repeat 5 times. to top of first dc. 

(Use standing dc for first st or 3ch.) 

Round 4. Make 1 in first three dc, ch3, 1 in next three dc, 3ch, vst.1 in ch1 space, ch3. Repeat 5 times to top of first cluster. 

Round 5. *3dc in each 3ch space, 1vst into chain space of the vst in previous round * repeat * to * 5 more times, dc3 in last 3ch space to top of first dc. 

Round 6.  Make 1 in first three dc, ch3, 1 in next three dc, 3ch, 1vst. in vst, ch3, *1cl in each 3ch space, 3ch four times, 1vst in vst, 3ch* repeat * to * 4 times, 1cl, 3ch, 1cl, 3ch, to top of first cluster. 

Round 7.  repeat as for round 5 adding 3dc per ch3 space and 1vst per each vst. to top of first dc. fasten off.



It’s been two months?!

I have been busy over the last two months. Started a new part time job at the place I used to volunteer and got busy making stuff for the homeless to help with the cold weather, mostly hats and scarves.  I have also been making more Sparkly Recovery Flowers to raise funds for the place I work. It’s a great place to work and, as receptionist, I get to meet everyone and I keep trying to sell them the flowers. I only have the purple one photographed (see last post) but we actually have red, pink, peach, white and yellow sparkly ones too. Talking of work I made another work colleague doll too.

I’ve also made stuff for the grandsons for Christmas  and this year I don’t have to wait to show off the things I made as the grandsons are too young to read my blog 😉 Lastly I decided to do some more bun holders and added some Christmas ones so I can match them up with my Christmas earrings. My favourite one though is the Poppy one I made for 11/11.

So now comes all the photos (I bet you were hoping I’d forget to add them – no chance).  😀


I think I need to update.

Started a two day a week part time job on the 1st October. I love it because it gives me time to craft whilst answering phones etc.

Since my last update I managed to finish two dog blankets for a Lady who goes to the art group where I work. A save the day flower brooch for my boss lady who had a stain on her dress and now I am making Recovery Sparkling Flowers to be sold to raise funds for the place.

On the home front I’ve been adding my own designs to hats for the homeless and mitts for Preemie babies. I have also had some more fun with bun holders and created two for Halloween and another one for Christmas.


Quick update on my crafting

I’ve been making more baby stuff for Preemies UK (almost have a very large box full now).  Mostly it’s been more hats,  two of which are my own design of Flower Fairy Baby Hats and I tried my hand at making mitts to match – they didn’t turn out too bad.

I also managed to finally finish the blanket for the homeless and delivered it this morning. I might not be doing as much external crafting now as I have a commissioned dog blanket to finish and Christmas gifts for the three grandsons to start making.

Meanwhile I’ll show you all the pics of what’s finished and try to keep you updated on what I manage to make whilst working two days a week 😀