March Update

Been busy again and turns out that being on the sick and not going out due to back pains is good when confronted with a pandemic (plus there’s lots of time to read and craft).

The middle photo of the second row is a Cannula Sleeve for a Warm Baby Project request. I made 9 in all but only took the one photo 😀  The baby Cardigans are also for a Warm Baby Project request but this time I can hand deliver then as the request is from here in Cardiff.

As for the other stuff it’s a 5×6 foot C2C blanket that got taken to Inroads, a baby blanket that is for Grandbaby #5 (Due in August) and two experiments that didn’t turn out bad. One is a butterfly bun holder for me and the other is a sleepy kitty hat for a child. This latter was from me experimenting with purl stitch pictures in stockinette, I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out.


I’ve got to get better at updating

Haven’t shown off any of my crafting since October 12th?!

Well here’s quick photo montage of stuff I’ve made minus the one hat that I forgot to take a photo of. (It was a commission piece that went with the purple scarf.)

The black tank top and the Hat and scarf set were both Commission pieces. Sone of the rest were things for the baby due later this month (the digger is for the big brother so he doesn’t feel left out when baby arrives).

The Christmas stuff was an Advent Stocking Garland for the place I volunteer. Two tree ornaments for a friend and a a robin for my tree, plus a poinsettia bun holder that I wore Christmas day 😀

I’ll try and update at least once a month in future but as I am forgetful as all get out I won’t promise it.

Long Time no update?!

I hadn’t realised just how long it’s been since I last updated about my crafting. Part of that is that I’ve been making lots of pieces but not actually fitting them together or finishing them.

I did recently put one of them together after a lot of end weaving in, finished a granny square blanket, and I also designed two new baby beanies on my commute to my volunteer job.

I’ll be adding the rest of my WIPs as soon as I get around to adding a zip to the baby outfit and stuff the three toys that will be for one of my Grandsons and his soon to be sibling. I might even manage to finish the blanket that I started with all the hexagons and the other one that I’m crocheting at work.

Meanwhile here’s the photos of the ones that are finished 😀